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I was the overworked  wife, mother of 3 children, and full time doctor who was exhausted! I was literally just trying to make it through each day.  My daily thoughts were consumed with thinking about the weekend that I wasn’t on-call, so I could finally get more than 4 hours of sleep.  This was no balancing act, it was actually putting bandages on wounds hoping to stop the bleeding.  My family and I ate mostly fast foods because I had barely anytime to cook.  I slept 4-5 hours each night, and tried to give all that I had left to my family and patients.  That left absolutely nothing for me.  This resulted in  exhaustion and increased inflammation in my body.  I knew that I couldn’t continue like this, or else permanent damage would set in.

I remember praying and seeking God for help and the change that I needed to really Live again.  I was so tired, and I was ready to receive the answer that He had for me.  The answer for me was to “Get Healthy”.  I asked, “what does that mean”? “How do I do that?” The answers were revealed to me in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program that I enrolled in.  The transformation in my life began to take place, and it was like I could see clearer,  rest with ease and my God given purpose was revealed.  This program and coaching helped to change my life! So this is what it means to live a life in Balance & your God-given purpose.

Can you relate to anything in my journey? Do you feel the urging for something better? Have you tried to become healthy and balanced without success?  Have you often wondered if your God-given purpose was being fulfilled? Are you leading your family in health through the nourishment that they are getting?

Let me help you become balanced, healthier & flourish in your God Given Purpose!

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