7 Ways to Show Gratitude by Dr. TG Day, MD


Thanksgiving is a great time to remember the importance of gratitude and practice it.  I shared earlier this week the health benefits of having an attitude of gratitude in a blog post, “Does gratitude improve health?”

So now that we know some of the health benefits of gratitude, how can we perform this daily? Here are 7 tips to get you started on having an attitude of gratitude.

  1. Begin your day with thanksgiving.  As soon as you arise, Say “Thank you God for blessing me to see another day”.  This will help you receive this day as a special gift, specifically for you!
  2. Smile! Smiling actually causes chemicals in the brain, endorphins, to be released.  These chemicals help to make us feel good. So by smiling you feel better, and others around you will likely smile in response, and feel better too.
  3. Make a list of at least 3 things you are grateful for.  Say aloud, “thank you” for these things at least 3 times during the day. This will remind you that you have things to be grateful for.
  4. Greet people who are serving you. Say “Hello” to the cashier at the store, or custodian worker at your job.  Thank them for the service they provide.
  5. Tell your love ones how grateful you are for them.  Remind your spouse, significant other, parents, kids, friends, or pets that you are grateful for them.
  6. Write a note, or send a text.  Thank someone for something they have done for you.
  7. Give thanks for prayer requests you’ve made.  By giving thanks to God for what you’ve prayed about, you are telling God you know He has heard you, and He will answer.

I’m reminded of the miracle of Jesus healing the 10 lepers.  Only one of the lepers turned back and praised and thanked Jesus for what was done.  Because of his thanksgiving and faith, he was made whole (no more deformities).  (Luke 17: 11-19) 

Thanksgiving is a great time to begin to or continue to have an attitude of gratitude.  I encourage you to try the 7 ways to show gratitude. Take time to give daily thanks and decrease your cortisol levels and be healthier as a result.

Be Fruitful and Multiply


“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.” -Genesis 1:28-

Are you being fruitful in your life?

Are there dreams that you have that you haven’t pursued?

If you were at the end of your life, would you be satisfied with the life you’ve lived, or would you have many unfulfilled dreams?

These are questions that came to mind when I meditated on the above scripture. My answer, there are more dreams that I have to pursue!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Tomeka Gatling Day, MD.

At the age of 12, I experienced a life changing event.

My only brother became critically ill.  He was a joyous 9 yo who became progressively lifeless.  Over a short 3 day period, he went from being happy and energetic, to being bedridden and depleted of energy.

After my parents consulted with his doctor, we drove him to the local Emergency Room.  Upon arrival, the triage nurse recognized the severity of his condition, and immediately took his vitals and consulted the physician.

He was promptly evaluated by the physician, and his condition was explained to us.  His condition was consistent with acute appendicitis with suspected rupture.  I remember being so scared, and clueless to what the physician was saying, but in the midst of all of this, I was also fascinated by the skills of the physician to know what was going on with my only brother, and the ability to help him get better.

He was emergently prepped for surgery.  For two or so hours we prayed, cried, and waited.  All I could think was, “I can’t lose my only brother.  He has to get better.” I remember the surgeon coming out a few hours later, with the best news we could have received.  He did well during the surgery, and he believed he would fully recover.

At that moment, I said, “I must help people when they are sick.  I want to help people get well and be healthy.  I want to be a doctor too!” So, through a lot of hard work, many difficulties, faith, and perseverance, this dream came true! I have practiced pediatric medicine for over a decade, and while this has been fulfilling, there are still other dreams that I must pursue.

I have always loved writing and I’ve been inspired by great writing.  There is so much power in written words,  and I want to help transform lives in this capacity.  I want to help you reach your God-given purpose and have great health!

I believe excellent health is wholistic. It includes wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. I’ve invested in expanding my knowledge of nutrition by studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I believe that with my medical training, medical practice experience,  nutritional knowledge, and God-given compassion,  I can help you be the healthiest and fittest person you can be so that you are able to achieve all of your amazing dreams in this life.

Follow my weekly transformative posts.  Let’s not delay the blooming and harvesting of your dreams.  Let me help coach you to achieving excellent health.

Dr. TG Day, MD/ Physician/Health Coach