The Essence of Christmas

by:  Dr. Tomeka Day, MD


A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new glorious morn

Fall on your knees

O hear the angels voices

O night divine

O night when Christ was born

O night divine O night

O night divine O night

~Lyrics from O Holy Night~


For many, Christmas can erupt the feelings of pain, sadness, and loneliness.  But I want to remind you of the “thrill of hope”, and “a new glorious morn”.   Christmas is about the greatest gift given to man by God.  It is God showing how much He loved us by giving His only son Jesus, so that we may have everlasting life. ~John 3:16~ This is the thrill of hope, and the Essence of Christmas.

If feelings of sadness, despair, or pain try to arise during this season, I want to encourage you to meditate on the love that God showed the world when Jesus was born. Spread love this Christmas season, just as God did when Jesus was born.


Author: “Dr. Tomeka” Day, MD is the Founder and CEO of Flourish Health Coaching, LLC.  She is helping busy women and their families through her health coaching by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes.  As a result of her health coaching, busy women are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to provide nutritious and quick meals, become healthier and improve health conditions such as,  Type 2 Diabetes/ Adult Onset Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Inflammatory diseases, and weight issues through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  If you want more information on health coaching services and a free health coaching session,  contact Dr. Tomeka MD today!

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