How much water do I need for excellent health?


Water is one of the main ingredients of Earth, and is necessary for life.  It makes up 50-75% of the human body.  Therefore, it is crucial to receive the optimal amount of water daily.

How much water do you need daily?  The amount of water that is needed daily varies from one person to another, and there are several factors that can change this amount.  For example, a healthy toddler needs a different amount of water than a very active 30 year old woman, as well as someone who has kidney disease.  General factors that change the daily requirement of water are based on gender, age, weight, activity level, location, diet, state of health (if you are in good health, or have an acute or chronic illness).

There have been studies done to determine the amount of water necessary for human life to prevent dehydration.  These concluded that the main determinant is the metabolic state of the individual. However, it is so variable how much water is necessary for optimal health.  Recommendations have been established that can help guide the amount of water needed daily.

Here are the recommendations from The Dietary Reference Intakes for Water: 

 1 -3 yrs of age —- 1.3L/day,         

4 -8 yrs of age — 1.7L/day,

Boys (9 – 13 years of age)— 2.4L/day,

Girls (9 – 13 years of age)—2.1L/day, 

Boys (14 – 18 years of age)—3.3L/day, 

Girls (14 – 18 years of age )  —2.3L/day,

Men (19 – 70+)— 3.7L/day,

Women (19 -70+)—2.7L/day

These recommendations may be a start to making sure you are staying hydrated daily.  Also, you can consider physical signs such as if you feel thirsty, if the color of your urine is a light yellow versus a dark orange color.  The lighter the urine usually indicates the body is more hydrated, and the darker signifies it is dehydrated.

Water is absolutely essential for the body. What are the ways in which water can be obtained?  There are multiple beverages available that contain water in them.  From fruit juices, sodas, teas, caffeinated beverages, as well as carbonated waters, and milks, these all contain water. When you choose these beverages, consider the amounts of sugars, and other ingredients that these drinks have and the affect it may have on your body.  Also, water is  found in certain foods.  Whole fruits and green leafy vegetables can provide water into your diet as well.

For the next 3 days, record how much water you take in daily, and how you feel, as well as the color of your urine.  Based on what you find, make any necessary adjustments to make sure your body is getting an optimal amount of water daily.


Reference: Grandejean, A. (2004). Water Requirements, Impinging Factors, and Recommended Intakes. World Health Organization.


Author: Dr. T.G. Day, MD is the CEO and Founder of Flourish with Dr. T.G. Day, MD Health Coaching. She is helping others achieve excellent health through wholistic health coaching.  If you are in pursuit of excellent health, and becoming the healthiest and fittest version of yourself, contact Dr. T.G. Day, MD for a free health coaching consultation.





Water: The Necessary Natural Substance to produce Excellent Health!


Water! It’s one of the main ingredients of Earth.  It covers 71% of Earth’s surface.  It is found in streams, lakes, oceans, snow, glaciers, ice packs, icebergs, clouds, fog, dew, aquifers, the atmosphere, and is the fluid in majority of living organisms.

In fact, water makes up 50 -75% of the human body.  It has significant functions in the human body.  Every cell in the body uses water.  Water is needed to breakdown food, the proteins and carbohydrates.  It is important for body movement, and serves to protect the brain, spinal cord and organs by insulating them.  It helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body through urine.  Water is the liquid component of blood, and blood is critical for life.

If we don’t have an adequate amount of water in our body, conditions can develop such as dehydration, headaches, fatigue, constipation, and decreased immunity.

So understanding the very important role of water on Earth, in our bodies, and to life, it is critical to make sure we are drinking the optimal amount of water daily to have excellent health.

How much water are you drinking daily?  Track your water intake for three days to see how much water your body receives, then make any necessary changes.


Author: Dr. T.G. Day, MD is the CEO and Founder of Flourish with Dr. T.G. Day, MD Health Coaching. She is helping others achieve excellent health through wholistic health coaching.  If you are in pursuit of excellent health, and becoming the healthiest and fittest version of yourself, contact Dr. T.G. Day, MD for a free health coaching consultation.

The Essence of Christmas

by:  Dr. Tomeka Day, MD


A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new glorious morn

Fall on your knees

O hear the angels voices

O night divine

O night when Christ was born

O night divine O night

O night divine O night

~Lyrics from O Holy Night~


For many, Christmas can erupt the feelings of pain, sadness, and loneliness.  But I want to remind you of the “thrill of hope”, and “a new glorious morn”.   Christmas is about the greatest gift given to man by God.  It is God showing how much He loved us by giving His only son Jesus, so that we may have everlasting life. ~John 3:16~ This is the thrill of hope, and the Essence of Christmas.

If feelings of sadness, despair, or pain try to arise during this season, I want to encourage you to meditate on the love that God showed the world when Jesus was born. Spread love this Christmas season, just as God did when Jesus was born.


Author: “Dr. Tomeka” Day, MD is the Founder and CEO of Flourish Health Coaching, LLC.  She is helping busy women and their families through her health coaching by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes.  As a result of her health coaching, busy women are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to provide nutritious and quick meals, become healthier and improve health conditions such as,  Type 2 Diabetes/ Adult Onset Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Inflammatory diseases, and weight issues through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  If you want more information on health coaching services and a free health coaching session,  contact Dr. Tomeka MD today!

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7 Ways to Show Gratitude by Dr. TG Day, MD


Thanksgiving is a great time to remember the importance of gratitude and practice it.  I shared earlier this week the health benefits of having an attitude of gratitude in a blog post, “Does gratitude improve health?”

So now that we know some of the health benefits of gratitude, how can we perform this daily? Here are 7 tips to get you started on having an attitude of gratitude.

  1. Begin your day with thanksgiving.  As soon as you arise, Say “Thank you God for blessing me to see another day”.  This will help you receive this day as a special gift, specifically for you!
  2. Smile! Smiling actually causes chemicals in the brain, endorphins, to be released.  These chemicals help to make us feel good. So by smiling you feel better, and others around you will likely smile in response, and feel better too.
  3. Make a list of at least 3 things you are grateful for.  Say aloud, “thank you” for these things at least 3 times during the day. This will remind you that you have things to be grateful for.
  4. Greet people who are serving you. Say “Hello” to the cashier at the store, or custodian worker at your job.  Thank them for the service they provide.
  5. Tell your love ones how grateful you are for them.  Remind your spouse, significant other, parents, kids, friends, or pets that you are grateful for them.
  6. Write a note, or send a text.  Thank someone for something they have done for you.
  7. Give thanks for prayer requests you’ve made.  By giving thanks to God for what you’ve prayed about, you are telling God you know He has heard you, and He will answer.

I’m reminded of the miracle of Jesus healing the 10 lepers.  Only one of the lepers turned back and praised and thanked Jesus for what was done.  Because of his thanksgiving and faith, he was made whole (no more deformities).  (Luke 17: 11-19) 

Thanksgiving is a great time to begin to or continue to have an attitude of gratitude.  I encourage you to try the 7 ways to show gratitude. Take time to give daily thanks and decrease your cortisol levels and be healthier as a result.